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We are an Arizona based company helping thousands of people make the switch off of cigarettes since 2013.

It’s not about big clouds, even though we like them. It’s about providing a space for people new to vaping to learn about it and for people to be confident about purchasing functional products. For everyone else, it’s about knowing that the people you’re putting your faith in are invested in the future of the industry.

For us, VaporIce is an extension of the community. It’s your site, and it’s going to be built based around trust, transparency, strict product standards, and an environment where any smoker can find a solution.

Vaping still has not reached enough smokers, but now we need to publicize it more than ever and reduce the number of smokers to unprecedented levels.

To all of you, from all of us at VaporIce – thank you and vape on!

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When you stop by our shops, we'll always make you smile and feel like family. Come by VaporIce if you wanna feel like home!
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All E-commerce sales are unable to be fulfilled now. All products are still up to be viewed as a general catalog of some of the items we carry. Please visit any of our 5 locations for any of your vaping needs.

Thank you for using our service all this time. We could not have achieved the success that we have attained without you.

Deep in the 5,593-page, $1.4 trillion, 2021 US federal budget is a provision that will likely put an end to online sales of vape juice and vaping hardware to our customers in the United States. Sadly, there's very little we or you can do about it. 

The new law defines any vaping products as "cigarettes" under the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, which has multiple effects. It will specifically prevent the United States Postal Service (USPS) from carrying any vaping products, just as they're prohibited from carrying cigarettes. This includes not just vape juice but also vaping hardware like coils and mods.
The obvious alternative, of course, would be to deliver our vape juice by UPS, FedEx, or another private carrier, but they've blocked this route too. FedEx has already committed to no longer transporting vapor products. Even if other carriers don't follow suit, the PACT Act puts such impossible burdens on shipping using private carriers that it becomes impossible to deliver vape products economically. The carrier has to be able to check ID on delivery and any error is subject to massive liability, including fines and possible jail time. The customer has to be home for delivery, and it has to be the same person who placed the order, not just someone over 21 who can legally receive it. The retailer has to file massive volumes of reports with every state, local, and tribal government including the identity of every customer to whom we've sold with, again, massive liabilities. They're making it impossible to be an online vape company without expressly outlawing the industry. We can legally keep making our product, but we just can't get it to you. By slipping it into a bill that was too big to fail - this year's spending bill includes desperately-needed pandemic aid - they've back-doored their way into killing the online sales of vaping.